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9 skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter American wool  yarns

Brooklyn Tweed Shelter & Dapple

Shelter is a stunning light versatile 2-ply worsted weight yarn. Soft and sturdy American Targhee-Columbia wool is spun woolen style – airy clouds of carded fiber become a yarn with remarkable lightness, warmth and a traditionally handcrafted appearance, ideal for sweaters, cozy accessories, and blankets. Wet block after knitting to reveal Shelter’s full beauty as each stitch relaxes and bonds to produce a plush fabric with a soft, fuzzy halo.

DK weight Dapple balances the spring and bounce of fine American Merino wool with the airy softness of Texas organic cotton, with a lofty 2-ply woolen-spun construction for that “favorite sweatshirt” feel in baby sweaters, lightweight shawls, and garments.

Dapple’s unique dye process creates heathered tonal colorways that shift throughout each skein and vary from skein to skein for one-of-a-kind projects every time.

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New Hand-Dyed Baby Suri Alpaca/Silk - Lace weight

New Baby Suri Alpaca/Merino Colors, like Wisteria, Sweet Pea, Fresh Green, Lime and more

New Baby Suri Alpaca/Merino Colors, like Wisteria, Sweet Pea, Fresh Green, Lime and more

DK weight yarn Baby Suri/merino Hand-dyed unique and one-of-a-kind colors, delicious softness and high quality.

My small batch hand-dyed yarns can be used alone for stand-alone projects or as a companion thread to other yarns to make a project softer - and give it additional color-play.

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