Knoll Yarns

Established in 1978, Knoll Yarns Limited is based in the picturesque Yorkshire town of Ilkley. They are an important supplier of stock-supported lambswool and pure new wool yarns both to the UK and worldwide knitwear and weaving industries.

Knoll Yarn collections are designed, coloured and stocked in the UK. They work closely with both woven fabric and knitwear designers, which allows us to keep pace with changing trends and needs - and they are constantly looking to develop new yarn and colors. 

Knoll Yarns is the distributor for all Holst Supersoft and Coast.

The longevity of a product is an investment and one the planet will be grateful for, for many years to come. Wool will naturally biodegrade back into the land giving mother nature additional nutrients she would not get from plastics and other such non-natural materials.

Wool garments can be washed less often and at lower temperatures, which has a lower impact on the environment.

Knoll’s policy is to offer yarns produced from wools from non-mulesed sources only. All dyeware used in Knoll products conforms to European REACH standards.