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Lana Gatto VIP / Merino/Cashmere

Lana Gatto

Since EARLY 1900s the head of a white, angora cat with long whiskers and emerald green eyes, placed in a circle with the wording “Filatura e Tessitura di Tollegno – Biella”, peeked into the world of knitwear, attracting the attention of the Italian market and, in a short time, the international market too.

The “Lana Gatto” brand officially launched in 1908, by Daniele Schneider – CEO of the company, Filatura di Tollegno. From that date, Lana Gatto has reflected the changes in Italian culture, art, and style through their many natural fibers like merino wool, cotton, cashmere, angora and mohair - all produced in Italy.  Over the years, Lana Gatto's brand has been refined and have become part of the exquisite and dependable yarn that is known around the globe. 

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