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Knitter Profile and Toddler Dress by Sus

Knitter Profile and Toddler Dress by Sus

Knitter of this project is me, Sus who is the owner of

What yarn(s) did you use for this project? 

I used Inspire a Mind Elliot Merino wool in Lemon Grass color that is now sold out. The stripes are Holst Garn Supersoft in Sweet Pea color and Cranberry color.

What pattern(s) did you use for this project? 

This dress is knitted from a free pattern called Sommerkjolen by Vidundergarnet. As you can see the original pattern is slightly different and I enjoy experimenting with yarns and patterns when I knit. 

Who did you make this project for?
My grandchild who will soon be big enough to fit into the dress.


Do you crochet, knit or do both?
I'm a knitter, but have basic crochet knowledge.

What is your favorite time/place to knit?
I can knit at anytime, but I usually knit at night when I'm done with all my work. I don't have a specific spot. On cool weather weekends I like to sit outside in the sun in the mornings and knit. 

Do you have favorite kinds of needles, brand and why?
It depend on the project. I use my Addi Square needles for projects that require small needles size. I love bamboo needles for knitting with alpaca and merino/cotton blends. Addi, Knitters Pride,Chiaogoo for circular needles and Lykke driftwood for Double Pointet needles I use most.

Do you have favorite kinds of yarns/fibers, brand and why?
I don't have one favorite yarn. I love working with my hand-dyed yarns because I know that it is truly a "one-of-a-kind" color and project. I am drawn to yarns that come from sources where the animals and environment is taken into consideration and treated with respect. I stay open-minded and always get excited about trying new yarns. I have knitted baby blankets with yarns that can be washed in a washing machine. It all depends on the project.

What is your favorite color?
Pink. It also depend on the my mood.

Do you follow patterns EXACTLY or are you comfortable improvising?
I'm definitely an improviser and have a hard time following patterns. I have no problem changing yarns and doing some math to make it just how I like it.

How long have you been a knitter/crocheter / how did you learn?
At least 40 years, but there has been big pauses along the way when I didn't knit. In Denmark where I went to school, we learned to knit in elementary school.

Are you a “maker” of other things/crafts?
Yes, I am a creative person and can also sew a little. I enjoy baking, cooking, fermenting, painting and tend to have the "I can do that" attitude.

Do you any personal knitting/crocheting related advice?
Be fearless and if you create something you don't like - take it apart and start over.

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