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New Soft Winter Sweater !

New Soft Winter Sweater !

Inspire a Mind Sweater

I had so much fun knitting this sweater for my daughter a few months ago. It was my first turtleneck top-down project so I feel happy with the result. I am not a great knitter even though I have knitted for decades - and I am challenged when it comes to reading patterns. So in my "knitting life" I have kept projects simple and also made up many of my owns patterns.

For this turtleneck sweater I used a pattern from Petitknit called Caramel Sweater.  It was my first time using a Petitknit pattern and found it pretty easy to use. They have some helpful and simple videos that explains knitting terms that I needed help with.

Because I am an experienced knitter I felt comfortable straying slightly from yarn recommendation in the pattern and did some slight altering of the sleeves to make them increase faster.

I used my first "square" addi rocket needles (size US 3) and I loved using them. They felt much easier on my hands and I have used them often since. I must admit that I prefer to used them size 4 and smaller. When they are bigger sizes, I felt that they were not as smooth to use.
The yarn I used was one thread of my own hand-dyed IAM Hygge Mohair/Silk in Apple Tree color (that has been sold out now) and one thread of Holst Supersoft in Dark Apple color. The mohair has very subtle dark red spots and this mohair added debt and and delicate color play to this sweater. 


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